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Related post: Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 02:24:35 -0700 (PDT) From: Silvenfox Subject: Reflecting Equation 8The following is a complete work of fiction.Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.Disclaimer:The following story may contain erotic situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. Also expect blood, gore, incredibly funny scenes and super-powered teenagers with preteen forum model a destiny to save the world. If you're not a fan of any of these plus strong cursing and violence then this is not your type preteens beauty of story. Chapter 8 Solaris was in no shape to transport us so I created a portal that greedily sapped at my diminished reserves. The city wasn't what we left. Centennial was a disaster zone. Clouds blanketed the sky and hid away the sun leaving the city in a dim shadow of gloom.The Voidwalkers had come to Centennial leaving death and destruction in their wake. There wasn't a single person in the streets. Empty vehicles, abandoned and silent, filled the desolate roads. Shattered store windows were abundant up and down the downtown streets. And the bodies.Withered corpses lay amongst preteens underwear pictures the silent streets, empty husks of human flesh. A putrid smell clung to preteens babes tgp the air and it was taking everything preteen vagina size I had not to gag."God," Adam kneeled to examine a fotos manga preteen decayed corpse. It used to be nasty preteen tgp a little girl. Her ribbons were still in her now thin, unnatural gray hair. He looked up at eyes brimming with tears. "What did this?"Ryan laid his hand on Adam's shoulder to comfort him. His face was troubled and his eyes were just as wet and stricken. I looked away and to the overcast sky, blinking quickly to hold back my own tears."Voidwalkers," I replied tonelessly. "They're from the Outland dimensions. Atlanteans called them walking chaos. Their touch is death."Killian frowned. "Outland dimensions... That sounds familiar.""Think of our dimension like a grain of sand in a sandbox. The sandbox represents our universe and nymph preteen fuck each grain represents a different dimension." I splayed my hands out. "Grains of sand closest to ours are what science calls parallel dimensions. They're most like our reality. The further away you travel from our dimension the bigger the differences between realities.""The Outland dimensions are the outer dimensions at the edge of reality," said Ryan, eyes distant as he recollected on past memories.I nodded. "The voidwalkers are from a dimension of maddening chaos. It's a formless plane made of primastic mass and ectomatter. Physical laws of order that bound our dimension mean shit there. They are the lords of their world and they walk it like gods." I shook my head at the ruined distract around us. "I don't know how but Cobalt's set them loose here.""Where are they then?" asked Killian. He cracked his knuckles.Ryan shot him a look. "You're in no shape to be fighting anyone.""I'm a big boy. I'll be okay." Killian looked away at Ryan's glower. "Really, Ryan. I'm not." He tapped his fist against his mouth three times. "I'm not dying, alright. Don't do this. Don't be all caring and then not be mine."Ryan looked dazed for a moment, like he's not sure what's happening, and then he nodded, smiling. It was like flipping a switch as he came to some inner decision. He was suddenly calm, expression utterly beatific.Ryan's smile was tentative, shy. "Okay."For a second, Killian's brow furrowed, not comprehending. "Okay? Okay, what?""If I can only care about you iligal preteen fotos if I'm yours..." Ryan trailed off, tone light as red rapidly spread across his cheeks. "Then okay. I'm yours."Killian was so stunned he couldn't even blink. It didn't even look like he was breathing. He took a step forward and then stopped. Killian's face was like an open book. Naked longing shone through clear as day."Do you mean it?" he asked intensely, staring, looking at him like nothing else in the world mattered."With you," Ryan said gently. "I always mean it."Killian let out a shaky exhale. Pain pinched at his eyes and made his mouth tremble. This was Killian open and honest, completely vulnerable and all on the line.When he spoke his voice came out soft and threadbare thin. "I should have never ended it, I'm an idiot.""I've told you that many times." Ryan moved closer to Killian, who underage preteenz porn stood frozen."I don't blame Lacey for going after you," preteen school sluts said Killian, honest regret making his voice thick. "I'm an asshole for taking so long. I -- did I make you wait a long time?"Ryan placed his hands around Killian's waist. "I'm here so it wasn't that long." He reached up to cup the side of Killian's face, his thumb stroking firm across his cheekbones. "I love you."Killian let out a bark of startled laughter. He shook his head, unable to fight the smile on his face. preteen pantie bbs "Boy I'm so far gone over you I can't even see straight. I don't know how to not be anything preteen breasts videos but in love with you.""Charmer, charmer," Ryan said barely audible, his voice little more than a whisper as he leaned forward. He finally kissed him, slow and waiting, until Killian responded, breaking free from his frozen stupor.Killian pulled away looking faintly astounded. Ryan smiled at him low and sweet, thumb sweeping gently just under Killian's eyelid. Killian's expression turned adoring and there was no denying the bone-melting desire coming off him in waves. Their foreheads leaned together as the world faded away to just them."Bout time," I grumbled, but the beaming smile on my little forum preteen face was ecstatic.Adam wrapped his arm around my waist and leaned into me. "This cute preteens young is so not the time for this, but I'm way too happy for them right now."I grinned. "Let's give them another minute."Ryan pressed his face into Killian's shoulder. "I missed you. So much.""I missed you too. I never meant to make you feel like you weren't good enough." The tips of his fingers touched Ryan's temples. "I miss your glasses. You didn't have to change. To me. Shit, now I'm starting to sound like a big goddamn girl."Ryan squeezed Killian's hips. "No. That's our problem. We don't -- say what you mean to say. Please."Killian rolled his eyes at himself, the tips of his ears turning red. "To're everything."Ryan's face softened teeny preteen bald and his arms tightened around Killian lifting him up a little. His hand curled around the nape of Killian's neck as he babbled a string of flowing words in Atlantean. It was too low, only for Killian's ears, but I caught some of it. The words missing him everyday, never wanting to let go, and loving him forever made my own heart do summersaults.I turned away from the sight suddenly feeling like I was intruding on something so very private. I wiped at my eyes and Adam beamed down at me with pure joy."They're going to be okay," he said with an air of surety.I tightened my hand around his hands. "I think so too. They'll need each other." Goosebumps rose on my forearms. "Things are going to get worse before they get better. I can feel it."Adam let defloration petite preteen out a startled noise and moved away from me. He pulled out germany preteen his phone with a sheepish look at my raised eyebrow. The screen lit up as the communication link came online. Nathaniel's frowning face filled the screen."Finally," he snapped sounding completely and utterly wrecked. And he looked it. "Voidwalkers--"I moved closer to let Nathaniel see me on the vidlink. "We know about the voidwalkers," I cut him off. "We got back as quick as we could."Adam noticed Nathaniel's state of frenzy too. "What's wrong?""They were here, damn cum hungry preteen it," Nathaniel said in an uncharacteristic aggravated tone. Even his perfectly combed hair was in disarray from where he had been pulling at it. "I think I need a drink.""Are you okay?" I said in a rush.Nathaniel nodded with a sigh. preteen jesse model "I'm fine. They managed to breach the perimeter but I beat them off with the defense systems." His preteen bbs thumbnails lips twisted into a scowl. "Bastards snuck up on me. Sensors didn't even see them coming. I'm trying to reconfigure laura preteen models the arrays to detect for their extraplanular resonance.""It's not safe there," said Ryan suddenly. I didn't even see him join us. "The Outpost could be compromised. Cobalt's already been there once. He could get in again. This attack only means they aren't satisfied to leave things be."Adam's brow furrowed thoughtfully. "The voidwalkers are probably heading back to the city then.""Our families?""They're fine," Nathaniel assured us. "No alerts have appeared on the monitoring program."I let out a whoosh of breath. He was right of course. Our families unknowingly carried tiny nanobots within their bloodstream. These sophisticated devices constantly monitored their vitals for any signs of distress in health, physical or mental. It had been Ryan's idea to secretly inject our relatives. It used to be common practice for Atlanteans."Right now cell towers are down, and a public broadcast is going out by old school hot little preteens radio wave." Nathaniel looked away to read another monitor. "All civilians are holed up at government shelters. They've got the national guard and the army patrolling."Like that's going to stop voidwalkers. But at least they had a plan. It was more than we had at the moment. The shelters themselves had been built after the Elder Spawn decimated the world and turned Centennial into ground zero. Evacuating the town had been Hell and most died on the preteen gay porn bridges leading preteen password sites out. Construction of the shelters began right after so people would have a place to bunker down until whatever newest hellstorm blew over.At Adam's urging, Nathaniel activated the feature that traced the location of whoever was injected with nanobots. Killian muttered something about his parents being in Milan. Ryan's dad was at the hospital. Adam's aunt and uncle were at a shelter across town.Nathaniel paused for a moment, surprised. "Your family is actually pretty close, Chad."I knew they were safe but it was suddenly important that I needed to see it for myself. Nathaniel must have seen the distress on my face because he rattled off the directions to the shelter he traced them to."Listen I'll meet you boys there. I'm going to lockdown the vault and grab anything we might need." His frown was grim. "They'll head back into the city soon. But we've got some time and we'll be ready for them."The walk to the shelter was short and quiet. The streets were eerily silent and deserted. Soon enough, however, we reached the shelter. The east 1A shelter was a converted community recreation center.The National Guard lined the top of the surrounding artistic model preteen buildings armed with rifles. Soldiers in army greens took up the perimeter and orders were barked out as we came upon the shelter."You boys red hot preteens okay?" asked an army Captain with a thick southern drawl. He holstered his sidearm as he stared preteen hardcore fucking at us earnestly. "Go on and get inside. We don't know if those nasties will be back. Make sure you register so they can try and locate your families on the master list."We were ushered through a steel door and into the fortified building. A guard walked us through a check-in and to what was once the gymnasium. I was momentarily startled at the amount of sound coming from inside. There were more underground bbs preteen people packed in the gym than I expected.Families clustered around cots in units radiating with tired and weary movements. Doctors were split up virtual preteen incest within the gathered populace, their coats the cleanest clothes in the whole place. The sound of kids and crying babies mixed together in a drone of noise. Some people were sick, some healthy, some injured –- and the ones covered in blood -– they were the worst off. The Red Cross moved among the weary and dirty people gathering volunteers where they could."I was hoping for the best, expecting the worst," said Adam taking in the scene quietly, like we all were. "This is bad –- but not as bad as it could be."It could have been mass hysteria. Instead the survivors were surviving. They banded together and didn't roll over and let the extradimensional threat outright kill them. If the preteen dorki Power Rangers thought they were going to rule the Earth then tiny titts preteens they had to get through humanity to do it.We didn't go more than fifteen feet when a woman's voice called out, "Chad!"I spun to see my mother break from a group of adults that I recognized from her company's picnics. Morgan was a step behind her as they ran the distance between us. My heart leaped and I met them halfway, overwhelming happiness and relief thrummed my body as preteen super sex we hugged."Ah, Mom, stop crying," I said through my own sniffles.She just clutched me harder weeping loudly into my preteens bbc shoulder. Morgan was in a similar state and my heart clenched at the sight. I hadn't seen hot preteen chicks my sister cry in years."Good to see you too, brat," I said gruffly as something squeezed my throat tight.Morgan shook her head and wiped at her tears with a trembling smile. "Idiot."There was joy in her voice but it was frail, too, and the sound hurt me to hear. I tenderly wiped at the tears on her cheeks. She hid her face in my shoulder as fresh tears appeared. The world blurred and I scrubbed at my wet eyes."I thought the worst..." Mom trailed off leaning back and looking me over. She shook her head and smiled happily. "Not a scratch on you. Where have you been? How did you even get here?"A lie was on the tip of my tongue faster than the truth. A wave of self- loathing rose in me. But it wasn't just my secret to tell."It was crazy," said Adam stepping to my side, smiling reassuringly at my mother. "We were at the mall and then it was chaos."Ryan and Killian came up beside him. They had been quietly watching the reunion and once the crying was over they finally decided it was appropriate to approach."We underage preteen upskirts kept away from main areas and moved around as quickly as we could when it was safe," said Ryan, elaborating on Adam's lie. "My dad made me watch a program about disaster drills on NBC once. We were lucky, I guess."Mom gave him a confirming nod. "You were. It all came out of nowhere. preteen fantasy photos So fast. God, it was all so fast. It was like the world just went to Hell." Lines formed between her eyebrows when she frowned. "But we're all okay. That's the main thing preteen russian hard that everyone is alright."Morgan stepped closer to Adam and touched his wrist. "Thank you," she said softly. "You looked after my brother."My eyes misted up again. The damn brat. Pain she was, but she was my pain, my baby sister. Adam's eyebrows rose in surprise and warm tenderness made his face go soft as he smiled a tiny smile.Adam's fingers curled around her smaller palm. He spoke with quiet surety. "I won't ever let anything hurt him." He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Or you."Mom placed her hand on Killian's shoulder. underage preteen preteen "You boys come on and sit. They're handing out MRE's. It's not the best, but it's something to eat."Our reunion was like a promise of spring. That teens und preteens the winter was over and the sun was coming out. In this little tiny corner of the world there was joy and it was glorious.We dragged two benches by the cots my mother was issued. True to her word the MRE's weren't the best. I made a face at what was supposed to be beef stew. Adam chuckled at my expression."Reminds me of the starship rations," Adam whispered against my ear.I poked at the packaged food, morose. "This is worse.""With cell towers down and the internet pretty much dead in the city the only way to contact anyone is with sat phones," said Mom, nodding at her coworkers clustered around a long black phone. "Radio broadcast coming in or outside the city is being distorted somehow."Ryan looked over at the phone thoughtfully. "Most satellite phones operate in the L-Band, a portion of the microwave band of the preteen sexart electromagnetic spectrum.Adam nodded along, picking up his train of thought. "You can configure those phones to change operating hardcore preteensex frequency to compensate for RF interference in certain parts of the spectrum."Dead silence punctuated the end of his observation. Realizing what happened, Ryan and Adam turned away from each other and met the incredulous stares of my mother and sister. body girl preteen They exchanged shocked gazes.Morgan blinked. "Was that English?""Those Honor courses are really stepping up the curriculum," Mom stared at them blankly."Good old gay russian preteen Centennial High," I said in a rush to fill the silence. "Go Cougars!"All heads swiveled around to me. I inwardly groaned. My dignity? Collapsing on itself like a dying star. My eye twitched as I grinned falsely.Mom gave me the side eye and slowly turned around, like I might start eating play dough the minute she took her eyes off me."Have you checked the list for your parents and loved ones?" Mom directed the question at my friends."Dad's at the hospital," said Ryan. "He was at work when it all went down."Killian shrugged. "It's fashion week. Mom dragged Dad to Europe for the week."I didn't miss the way that Ryan gave Killian's hand a comforting squeeze. Killian didn't have the closest relationship with his parents. Even calling it a relationship was stretching it."West 3C shelter," said Adam with a real smile. "Their status was confirmed as uninjured."Morgan saw a friend and gave a sudden squeal of delight before darting off to embrace a pretty girl with perfectly flawless coffee-colored skin and hazel eyes. I waved at Krystal as she enthusiastically beamed over at us. Mom walked over to them as Krystal's parents came up behind the girls."I really just want to crash," said Killian once my mother was out of earshot. "I'm exhausted."Ryan fought off a yawn as he tore into his MRE. "Your life force won't completely be recharged for awhile.""That was master healer level aura manipulation," Adam said to Ryan earning him a bashful shrug.Adam reminisced on his own healer training, and speculated on Ryan's adept level and instinctual abilities. Ryan prepared the MRE without looking, like he had been doing it all his life. The champion of soul's hands seemed to move on their own he was so engrossed in what Adam was saying. Barely glancing at his can of juice he slid it over to Killian, nodding and adding into the conversation with Adam without pausing.Killian looked dazed for second at the action "Orange Pineapple?" He read off the label with raised eyebrows. "This is my favorite."Ryan shrugged nonchalant. "I know."Adam and Ryan went back to their conversation. Ryan once more absorbed into the topic, but every so often his gaze would dart to Killian to watch him out of the corner of his eyes.Killian had a little quirk on his lips. It's not a smile. Killian wasn't one to show the world his true feelings. Yet even though it's not a smile, it was almost one, and it's near bursting to get through because every once in a while when I looked over, Killian's control slips, and he beams down at his juice like it was the best thing that's ever happened preteen top 100 to him, before he composes himself again, and only the quirk remained.When Ryan does really look at Killian it's quick and fleeting, only for a second, then he ducked his head. If I wasn't watching for it I probably would have missed the way Ryan's chest puffed up or the barest hint of blush that colored his cheeks.Their arms gravitated till their forearms lay flush against each other. Hands quickly followed and their fingers slid together, till they're hand in hand, like they would never little incest preteen let go. And they stayed just like that. Despite the conditions around us their eyes were bright and happy, and they looked content."I can't hold it in anymore," I pointed at their hands, beaming. "You two are so adorable right now, I can't even. Are you like together again?"They didn't even pause before both nodded and simultaneously said, "Yes."Adam threw his arm out and punched the air. "Awesome."Ryan laughed, squinting at us appraisingly. "You two been waiting on this?""Perverts," Killian added, but he's smiling like he'd never stop.I smirked. "I'm not buying what you're selling, asshole. But I really am glad you guys made up.""Ditto," said Adam."Since when do you say ditto?" I asked prompting him to whistle innocently. I narrowed my eyes, suspicious. "I knew it. Ghost is totally your favorite movie."Killian was visibly confused. "I thought Die Hard was your favorite movie?"I snorted turning my smirk away from Adam's glare. "That's what he tells people. Doesn't even own it, but he has Ghost on DVD and VHS." Ryan shook his head pretending to be disappointed but he was grinning. "The power of Swayze."We all laughed and it was this bright and happy moment that I would cherish in the days to come. In the back of my mind I knew things would get very dark soon. preteen sweet girlies A throat cleared and we looked up. Nathaniel was dressed in a pressed, pearl gray three-button Dior suit. His hair was preteen models top dark with product, perfectly slicked back and not a hair out of place. He trained clear green eyes on us."Thank God," I let out a loud exhale. "Earlier you looked like you'd been in a knife fight. I thought it was the end of the world. Like some Ragnarok shit."Killian rolled his eyes. "And there we go. Chad sounds like a dumbass. The Earth is completely back on its axis. Everything is normal."Nathaniel rubbed his left eye. "Earlier I was..." He paused to search for the right word. "Distressed."Adam snorted. I shot him a smug look.Killian's narrowed his eyes at me and Ryan shook his head at the look.The advisor took a seat on the empty cot and laid a briefcase on his lap. It was Burberry. Figures. I forgot Nathaniel was old money till I got a visual reminder. His manners were all prep school charm and everything he owned was designer. preteen models thong He belonged russa preteen panties to the 1% of the American population that owned a Black Card. Nathaniel had style. Little did he know, I wished I looked as sharp as he did when I was older.I shook my head tuning preteen pregnant pics back into preteen model zines the conversation. Nathaniel patted the bag carefully after casting a searching look around him."I packed some weapons and a couple interface tablets so we can hookup with the mainframe." He adjusted his Windsor and made a face. "I would underground preteen websites prefer being at the Outpost but that's obviously out. I should start drawing up plans for a safehouse."I grinned at his afterthought. I loved when he went all James Bond."I approve," Killian heartily agreed.Adam nodded. "Ditto."The three of us shot him a look. He ducked his head, grinning."Do you still need help reconfiguring the sensors to detect voidwalkers?" asked Ryan.Nathaniel fiddled with his sleeves and his cufflinks. "I managed to have some leeway, but your help would make this whole thing go a lot faster." Ryan took the briefcase from Nathaniel. He pulled out a slim black tablet that looked like an iPad, if an iPad was upgraded and on its 9th or 10th version.I wiped my hand against my lips to smother my smile. "At least if someone gets suspicious you can pass it off as some Apple gadget."Killian looked at me wistfully. "If preteen bikinipics only you came with preteen nonnaked photos an off button.""I'll put up a struggle before you could press it. It will be epic."Nathaniel grumbled crossly. "Really? Even in a crisis."I smiled all teeth. "Multitasking, yo."Killian examined his nails. "Keeps him in line."Adam spit up his apple juice a bit making a complete mess. I wiped away a speckle from my cheek and looked straight at him. He just grinned, juice dribbling down his chin. I may or may not be still attracted to him."Oh, God," Ryan laughed, quieted. "Sorry, Nathaniel. We're just kinda tired.""Ah, loopy then," Nathaniel said, patting Killian on the shoulder. Killian yawned tiredly in response. "I didn't ask but what happened to you after you went into that forest. Your signals went dead on the grid."I perked preteen model britain up. "We found the faerie realm. Well, one of them."Nathaniel looked at us astounded. "Did you really?""And you're not going to believe this," said Adam excitedly. "Ian and Isabella were there. Apparently faeries can resurrect or something in their homeland."My tone was somber. "Too bad their homeland is worse off than Centennial. Between us and the Power Rangers we decimated that place." I licked my lips. "If they come back from the other faerie realms I don't think they'll have much to come back to.""Hey," Killian protested. "You make it sound like it was all for nothing. We killed my clone. So, plus."Nathaniel congratulated us with quiet enthusiasm. I looked over at the tablet as Ryan's hands moved smoothly over the touch-screen display. My shoulder gave a twinge, protesting the sudden movement, as my healing factor continued making it whole."That just leaves three clones left," said Nathaniel. He pinched his nose and closed his eyes briefly. "Ryan, Chad, and Adam. I imagine your clones will be even more ruthless now that one of their own has been killed."I stared around at the weary state of people. "Four against three now though," I said viciously."I still don't like those odds," Adam prompted."Downer," Killian mumbled.I lifted my head. "We're Chosen. Odds are never in our favor. But we do the impossible anyway."A shadow loomed over us and Mom stepped back into the group. She was staring hard at the pocket notebook she always carried, seemingly immersed in her notes. When she finally japan asia preteen looked up it was with surprise as she found Nathaniel sitting on the cot."Uh, hello," she cocked sexy pedo preteen her head. "Do I know you?"Nathaniel stood smiling charmingly. "Nathaniel Ruiz.""He's Killian's uncle!" I blurted out.Killian smiled, bright and false, and with fake cheer. "I didn't even know he was here. It's like a miracle."If he said the last part kind of dry, no one commented on it. Mom extended her hand and Nathaniel bent over, placing a delicate kiss against her knuckles."A pleasure," he said smoothly.Mom took her hand back. "Call me Samantha. Your accent is so lovely. What part of England are you from?""My family has its roots in Spain. I spent most of my life in Wales though. Practically grew up in boarding school there."Nathaniel offered her a seat on the cot. She sat next to him smoothly crossing her ankles and fixing her eggshell colored dress. She had on a pair of nude flats and her blonde hair was pulled back in a chignon. I thought she looked lovely. Judging by Nathaniel's interested stare, he thought so too. I frowned hard and he rolled his eyes at my dirty preteen girls dark glare.Mom spotted the tablet on Ryan's lap and the matching one that Nathaniel held. pre teen stocking "Are those touch computers? IT tried to assign me one back at the office. I didn't bother. I like to keep it simple. Paper and pen has worked for me all my life.""Where do you work?" asked Nathaniel, casually moving the tablet away from her roving gaze. Killian took it without prompt and slipped it back into the briefcase."I'm a reporter," She waved her pen around for show. "I'm going around trying to take a few statements. Like it or not, this preteens posing sexy is news. Care to make one?"Nathaniel plastered on his broadest smile. "I wouldn't mind at all. What about?"Mom leaned forward, pen poised and ready. "Where do you suppose our resident superheroes are? It's not like them to be MIA during an event like this. Do you think they're preteen models websites alright?"His smile wilted."I'm sure they have good reasons for not responding to the threat," he said carefully, not sparing us a single glance.Mom had total focus face as she jotted naked pretty preteen down his short statement. I knew the paper had her exclusively working on Chosen related articles lately, but to see it up close and person was...awkward. I shied away from the anxious stares directed at me. I was dealing with my own alarm, didn't need the others to add to my already building panic."Chad said you're up for Pulitzer?" said Ryan trying to direct attention away the subject."Yeah, Mom wrote this really awesome article about the Chosen."I froze.Mom stared at me questions burning in her eyes. "The what? Chosen?"Shitshitshitshit. Humans knew only the vaguest bits about the Chosen... they didn't even know we were called the Chosen. I stilled and my expression was closed off, crystal smooth and blank as a check. But my heart hammered loudly in my throat."I've heard you say that before...The Chosen?"My mother rolled the word around her tongue. No one knew what to say and the silence was in fact not making it better. She was expecting me to elaborate, but my tongue was stuck xxxteen preteen vids in my throat. Mom stared at me questioningly. I was the world's worst liar. I wasn't good at it and I hated it. I hated lying to people I loved more than anything. Tears gathered in my eyes and stubbornly refused to go away. I felt pathetic, small.I finally looked around at the others. Their stares weren't judging or accusing like I expected. Calm acceptance was what soothed the surging panic that gripped me. I knew what I had to do."I've said preteens sweden xxx it before because the Heroic Quartet are called the Chosen.""Oh?" Mom's tone dripped with skepticism. "How do you know that?"I brazil preteens sexy took a deep breath. "Because, I'm one of them... We are the daily preteen models Chosen."Mom giggled and got up, her lips quirked in a tiny smile. "Honestly, I don't know where preteen nude dreamwiz you get your humor from sometimes.""I'm serious."Mom nodded absently and began sorting through her notes. "I believe you, kiddo. I swear on your Grandma Abbey's grave.""Grandma Abbey is still alive.""Until she admits that she stole my famous Lemon Pie recipe that woman is dead to me.""More like infamous," I muttered.She gathered her notebook and stood up. "Look, I'm going to try to wrestle the sat phone away really quick so I can fact check a source. We'll continue this later.""Mom," I demanded, grabbing preteen nude photos her hand as she tried to leave. "I'm telling you the truth.""I really don't have time for this, honey."Magic swirled around internally in response to my jumbled emotions. I couldn't see them, but judging by the shock on her face, I'm guessing my eyes were glowing. horny preteen pussy Leaking power always caused my eyes to glow blue. This time wasn't an exception.Silence followed young hearts preteen as I reigned in my power. I gently tugged on her preteen por pics hand till she hit the edge of the cot and plopped back down. I gave the others a quiet look."Guys can you give us a minute, please?"They reluctantly left after seeing my pleading stare. Their support was appreciated but I needed to do this one on my own. It's been a long time coming.There was silence. It hung in the air between us as this oppressive thing. It stretched on for ten seconds, thirty, a full minute."I don't understand," is what she opened with.Her tone was vacant and she looked at me like it was the first time really seeing me. I had to look away.I focused on the gymnasium floorboards. I couldn't look her in the eyes yet. "I was going to tell you one day. I just couldn't lie anymore, I guess." I smiled shakily. "You know I suck at it.""This isn't..." she mumbled weakly. "How?"I took a shaky breath and I knew I was pale. I felt like shit. "We're called the Chosen. The less anyone knows about us is best.""You were the first one," Mom realized faintly.She stared at me for a long moment. The pieces were coming together. I could read it virgin preteen girl on her face. All the little moments were adding up in her head.I bit my lip and said hesitantly, "Mom?""It all makes sense. The late nights, the bruises or cuts you can never explain." The blood drained from her face and I winced as each accusation felt like a bullet."You noticed that, huh?"Her eyes narrowed at my attempt at coyness. "Do you know how much danger –- I can't believe I never noticed. You've been playing superhero all this time. What if you had died? Did you think about that, how that would make your family feel?"My mouth formed a scowl before cartoon preteen game I could stop it. "That's all I think about! It's why I do this.""You don't have to," she countered.A humorless laugh escaped from my throat. "I wish that were true. If I don't fight I'll be dead anyway. You don't realize how many disasters we've averted... If I didn't fight there would be nothing to fight preteen kds ls for. We'd all be dead."Mom took my hand. "Have you tried not being Chosen?"My mouth dropped."It's kind of something I was born with."She pursed her lips nonplussed. "Get someone else to do it," she said dismissively.Anger started to rise in me. I opened my mouth and then stopped. How many times had I asked myself that same thing? When I spoke nonude preteen angels it was quiet and with dedication."I asked that at sexy preteens first. All the preteen undrwear supermodel time." I smiled fleetingly. "Then I got used to it. I make a difference. The fighting...I wish I didn't have to do it, preteen nn images but I like saving people. No one else can do what we do. It's destiny.""Destiny?" Mom repeated, thick tears rolling down her cheeks. "Destiny makes you go out and risk your life? Destiny would make my baby lie to me? God, if you had died we never would've known!" She choked on emotion, gripping my hand so tightly that her knuckles turned white. "Destiny took your father and now it wants you. Please. Don't do this anymore. I can't lose you too.""I'm sorry." I could feel my face crumble as my lower lip trembled. I held her hands just as tightly. "I can't, Mom. This is who I am."She shook her preteen pedo topedu head stubbornly. "No! You're just Chad. My little boy who colors outside the lines. When you're sick you like 7-up and not ginger ale. You wear too much blue and you have a ridiculous fear of cats." Tears fell thickly as she twisted her fingers in the sleeves butterfly kisses preteen of my shirt. "My baby boy."I turned but heard her sigh."You're not going to stop are you?"Meeting her gaze steadily I shook my head. "I'm not. I'm still your Chad. But I'm also Warlock. I'm leader of the Chosen. I can't change that for anything.""So naughty japanese preteens much like your dad," she whispered sadly.I could visibly see the fight leave her. Her shoulders sagged as the tension receded leaving on a tired sadness that lingered at the edges of her eyes and around her mouth."Are you disappointed in me?Mom looked at me quickly. "I'm feeling a lot of things right now. But I have never been disappointed in you. Not now, not ever."I felt a warm glow models art preteen in my stomach. I couldn't help sitting a little straighter because of the fierce pride she preteen exposures had in me while even being furious with me. Her hand came up and she cupped my cheek fondly."You've grown up so much these last few years." A tear rolled down the side of her face. "Please don't -"I rested my hand over hers covering my cheek. "I won't die. I promise." A gentle smile settled on my face. "I'll make you so proud of me.""Always proud."That got a real smile from her. She homemade preteen porn hugged me and then leaned back to wipe her eyes with the napkins from the MRE's. Mom composed herself and a curiosity I was used to appeared in her expression."Your friends. They're all superheroes, Chosen?"I nodded. "I preteen breast nud was first. Ryan was next, then Killian and Adam was last. There's Kevin too but -""Kevin is like you?" she interrupted more than shocked. "I don't understand. You said you were born preteen models underage this way?"I half smiled. "It's kind of a long story.""We've got time."I started to talk but stilled as a tremor raced through the floor. The building shook suddenly, but it wasn't an earthquake. Gunfire echoed through the air and everyone screamed as the shaking intensified and more gunfire joined the explosion of noise. It was chaos under the gymnasium roof as fear spread like a virus."Mom!" Morgan raced to our mother and threw her arms around her.I breathed a little easier when the guys parted through the fear filled crowd. Nathaniel stood near my mother and hairless preteen models I knew he would do his absolute best to make sure no harm befall my family."We're out of time," said Ryan.Adam suddenly looked up. "Guys!"There was another great rumble, and terrible crunching, like metal grinding together, and the ceiling support beams broke. With a thunderous crunch the ceiling was heaved away before our eyes, like some gigantic invisible hand had torn it off and it was flung through the air.The open ceiling left us exposed to a horrendous sight. Voidwalkers, hundreds of them, filled the sky in a swarm of darkly glowing creatures of malevolent energy and rippling bodies of intangible flesh. They filled out the sky like some twisted host of demons from the deepest pit of Hell. They reeked of terrible otherness that skewed at the senses as reality protested the foreign entities screaming wrongwrongwrong.The crowded people flinched and cowered before the alien entities. I was more worried about the trio hovering in the sky looking down on us like the gods they so wanted to be. Cobalt had no trouble picking me out of a crowd. He glared down at me with lightning hairy preteens naked dancing within his irises."Sloppy portal casting, as always. You weren't hard find." His voice was laced with magic and it mercilessly pounded against our skulls. Children went to their knees even as there was a myriad of hurt cries. "You stupid, stupid boys. You just don't know how to mind your own business."Axel clicked his fingers and a middle aged woman clutched at her head with an agonized scream. Blood poured from her nose and she clawed at her preteen panty nymphet head. Her glasses clattered to the ground even as she fell to her knees."Stop it!" I yelled over the alarmed shouts that erupted.Reece smirked viciously. "Finally he speaks."If they wanted to drag us out of the childporn preteens gay closet, we weren't going to do it kicking and screaming. The four japanese underaged preteens of us trading significant glances and a decision was made. Together we stepped forward. Even as we took our last step, the uniform of the Chosen formed around us, flowing out and replacing our clothes. The nymphets preteen bbs Chosen were unveiled, strong, standing shoulder to shoulder and united.Morgan let out a surprised noise.Mom stared at us with wonder. Knowing and seeing were different things."You should know this won't end well for you," I promised, staring up at the army of death. "Like you don't know, but you're not the first, or the last enemy to underestimate us. Leave now or we'll drop you."The crowd who had been quiet with awe let out resounding cheer. Faced with death the hope that we represented was like a miracle. I could almost feel their resolve strengthen and bolster as a wave of hope swept through the crowd."Is that a little sluts preteen royal decree?" Cobalt let out a mocking laugh, silencing the crowd and sending them to their knees with his amplified voice. "Try and make us, your Highness."I was bluffing. And they knew it too. Considering the odds we were more than fucked. We could probably survive, but the death toll would be catastrophic. The people we were protecting wouldn't survive this firefight. An all out fight would nuke this whole block."Chad?"It was said with a whisper but Cobalt heard my mother like she was shouting. His eyes landed on her and they gleamed with a wickedness that made my heart sink."And mommy's here too!" he yelled happily. "Awesome."Three things happened at once.Cobalt conjured a lethal globe of obsidian energy.I raised my arms and ruby light gathered in my waiting palms.As magic rolled through the air, white light fell through the open ceiling like a comet. Before our eyes and to the amazement of everyone great white wings unfurled within the dazzling light, transforming, reshaping and turning into something else. There was a preteen naked videos sudden bright flare and within the light was now a person. Angelic white wings flashed across my vision and then they were gone.The light receded revealing Halo."Kevin," I could only whisper, frozen to the spot like everyone else, as the champion of balance stood tall.Halo stared up at the waiting preteen child pics enemy and said only, "There will be a reckoning."He flicked his hand and a ripple, like the heat across the desert air, wavered. Then a tall ornate staff preteen avi appeared in his waiting hand. Halo raised the staff and a terrific wave of silver power surged not upwards, like I was expecting, but around us.The light didn't touch those above, they remained unharmed, however, the six hundred or so people, every one of them with us included, vanished. Our entire world became an all encompassing light.As the light began to reach unbearable levels, there was a gentle wind and a soothing warmth as it began to fade. I opened my eyes and my heart almost burst. We stood at the edge of a forest of otherworldly trees with glowing bark and leaves of glinting silver.That was behind us. The sight in front of the crowd of curious and amazed onlookers was what held my attention. A sandy beach marked the barrier of a gentle sea where the city of Atlantis rested upon the calm waters. Lustrous silver towers of tritium metal and majestic spires rose high into the blue sky and above them all, like a sentential, soared the Imperium Tower."Atlantis?" Adam said faintly.I shook my head, staring at the city with disbelief, but feeling like I'd come home.Mind always thinking faster than most, it was Ryan who came to a conclusion first. "We're in the Dreamlands."Halo preteen panties bbs had been taking in our reactions waiting for it to sink in. He leaned against his staff and smiled, it was small, but warm and he looked glad to see us."Everyone 12yo girls preteen will be safe here." He stared right at me with a half smile. "Sorry I couldn't come back sooner." His smile fell then. "Pay attention, brother, because things are about to get complicated." **** Awesome. Killian/Ryan ftw! Kind of schoompy but they bring it out of me. This chapter I've been wanting to write for 2 years now. So glad to get it out and in print. This entire Chosen saga has been planned for so long. Crazy that it's all almost over. I want to say thanks to everyone who emailed me feedback as usual. You guys are – email address for feedback, yo. –the forum. Start a convo its too quiet – chosen site. Side stories/ficlets pussy nude preteen found there.
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